Impacting lives through innovation

At X-Infex, we believe that hard work, expertise, and some Dutch common sense is necessary to tackle one of the biggest global health threats of the 21st century: Antimicrobial Resistance. The generation of “Superbugs” that are resistant to all forms of treatment is a real and growing threat. That is why X-Infex focusses on the development of new antimicrobial polymers to complement and expand the arsenal of existing treatments against infections. The antimicrobial polymers have the following characteristics:

  • Broad antimicrobial activity: effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi;
  • Extremely low risk of developing microbial resistance;
  • Safe for human use applications;
  • Application in both preventive and cure treatments;
  • Broad application in health and consumer care;
  • Versatile product forms (fibers, tubes, hard surfaces, etc.).

Our mission

To develop practical and sustainable solutions to reduce the spread of infection with the goal to improve public health.

Our core values

In mind and heart, we are guided by...


As entrepreneurs, we are always looking beyond our boundaries for new ideas, methods and products that maximise our technology.


Our enthusiasm to work with people and offer solutions gives us the energy and drive to succeed.


We are focused on solutions that are effective, feasible and can be easily commercialised to make a difference.


We act responsible towards the environment and take care of local communities. Honesty and transparency are the pillars of how we do business.


We do not seek competition, but rather look to build partnerships to gain synergy and achieve desired goals faster.


We apply scientific knowledge and testing to everything we do to drive us in our quest to offer new solutions and products that benefit all. have an IMPACT on improving peoples' well-being.