Air filtration

Though the initial focus for the technology was the control of bacteria, mold and fungi, recent testing has also shown that the X-Infex materials are highly effective at destroying viruses – both influenza virus causing the common flu and the SARS-CoV-2 virus responsible for COVID-19.

Communal “X-Infex Inside” Face Masks - In 2021, Covid-19 demands innovation in the field of consumer care. To cater to the market needs, X-Infex developed an environmentally friendly, comfortable and safe face mask for everyday use. The applied X-Infex technology kills bacteria and viruses originating from mouth and nose, significantly decreasing the risk of infection. This makes the X-Infex face mask the ultimate antimicrobial polymer to complement a government’s policy in fighting the Corona virus. Visit our web shop to learn more about X-Infex Inside (launch on April 5th 2021).

Medical Face Masks - X-Infex is working with multiple commercial manufacturers of medical face masks to implement the X-Infex biocidal and antiviral technology in their existing face-mask manufacturing processes. In order to be successful in this area, the technology must be cost effective, easily implemented in existing manufacturing processes and in no way affect the required attributes for such face masks as determined by the regulatory controls.

Industrial air handling (heating, cooling and ventilation) - It has long been known that the air quality in schools, office buildings, public spaces, etc. has a direct impact on occupants’ health. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has painfully shown that most such commercial air handling systems are woefully lacking. X-Infex is working to identify how its technology can be implemented in existing air filtering systems to improve air quality and minimize the spread of pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

Medical devices

There are literally thousands of medical devices that improve all facets of human health. Such medical devices are essential products that benefit patients by helping health care workers to diagnose and treat patients and help patients overcome sickness or disease and improve their quality of life. Unfortunately, medical devices are also a source of unwanted infections and are one of the main causes for Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI’s). In the USA, HAI’s cause more than 90,000 annual deaths and result in direct hospital costs of $28-45 billion per year.

Not only is the treatment of HAI’s extremely costly, the need to use more antibiotics to treat said infections further contributes to the generation of antibiotic resistant bacteria. The World Health Organization, WHO, has identified antibiotic resistant bacteria as one of the major healthcare concerns for the 21 st century. Drug-resistant bacterial infections are already responsible for more than 700,000 global deaths every year and this is expected to significantly grow if there are no new developments to combat such infections.

The X-Infex technology can be directly implemented in a number of medical devices and its active biocidal system does not generate the potential for bacterial resistance. Though medical device development is a lengthy process due to the regulatory complexity, X-Infex is confident that its technology can have a significant positive impact. To this end, X-Infex is actively working on the following areas:

Medical Tubing - The X-Infex technology can be directly implemented in the manufacture of a range of medical tubings that are subsequently used in medical device fabrication such as: urinary catheters, deep lines, drains, dialysis tubing and pulmonary tubes. The incorporations of the X-Infex technology reduces the risk of HAI infections associated with the medical devices, which in turn reduces the potential for further development of drug-resistant microorganisms.

Wound Care - One of the biggest risks with wounds is the potential for infection. When the skin is compromised, the body’s natural barrier to protect against infection is also compromised. A wound dressing is supposed to act as a “second skin” to protect he body from fluid loss and to keep infections out, while the body’s natural skin regenerates and heals. The X-Infex technology can be directly implemented into the wound dressing to provide a wound dressing that is inherently biocidal, protects the body from fluid loss and does not interfere with subsequent wound healing.