Our face masks got you covered

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Available in: Taupe| Orange| Burgundy| Royal Blue| Navy Blue| Black

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99.9% Inactivation of Covid-19

At X-Infex we strive to reinvent the protective face mask. Through the use of the all new X-Infex technology, we have managed to create a healthy balance between breathability and proper filtration. The foam material used in the X-Infex Inside face mask has proven virucidal and bactericidal properties, killing any airborne virus and bacteria within only 10 minutes. Compared to other community use face masks, X-Infex Inside significantly reduces the risk of getting infected and infecting those around you.  


Reusable up to 5 weeks

Our design is geared towards both today’s user and the world. By providing multiple sizes made with flexible fabric, we ensure a soft and comfortable fit, minimising facial irritation. Through elimination of harmful substances and metals, as well as replacing up to 115 generic disposable face masks per product lifespan, X-Infex Inside is considered one of the most environmentally friendly face masks for community use.